About Us

Carolina Cobra, located in North Carolina, was established in 2017. Our focus is on each kid’s success in the mini motocross community. We aim to deliver premium race-ready mini motocross bikes and parts for youth riders across the nation. We carry all models from the Cobra CX65, Cobra CX SRX50 FWE, Cobra CX SR50 King, Cobra CX50 Jr, Cobra CX50 P3 and the brand-new electric bike the Cobra CX5E coming soon! Cobras have claimed more than 300 national titles since the Cobra manufacturer was founded in 1993.

From The Owner

Motocross has always been a passion of mine. I started riding dirt bikes when I was 12 years old. My best friend and I would build jumps in our back yards till our parents saw our passion and decided to build us a track.

After school, every day, you would find us down at the track. It was there that I learned the love and dedication for the sport. Fast-forward to 2016 when my son got his first 50cc motorcycle. We quickly learned what it took to compete in the sport of motocross. My family and I traveled around the southeast and met some of the most amazing friends in the moto community. We were introduced to the Cobra Moto World in 2017 and have not looked back. We have grown and expanded our relationships and now serve customers all over the USA. I have the privilege and honor to help moto kids all over the nation live their dream of competing in the sport of motocross. 

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Instagram: @NCCobra